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Francesca Penserini – Drawing from Origins


Francesca Penserini is one of a number of artists who define themselves as “thinkers” of a transcended materiality. At the beginning in her art making, she conceived of essential elements that evoked ancestral images in which the key archetype was not immediately evident. Then as a sculptor, she addressed the space and volume of the body, combining primordial figures to embody the physical and philosophical causality of the human being. Through the patient use of chalk and the blade, the body and thought become an ensemble that oscillates between mystery and reality.

Subsequently, the artist oriented her work towards the expansiveness of nature. She is attentive about selecting transformations, illustrating the dynamism of the magical and constantly changing reality. Penserini shows concern about transforming the evident into surprising forms of cohesion. The impulse that emerges from her work appears deeply linked to nature, like a mystery of becoming, a detail about origins. Her creative process, slow and constant, captures the essentials of cosmic beauty, as an inner evocation of profound thought. In her refined and attentive drawings, the artist lets herself be transported by scenarios of great theatrical effects. Hence, she recreates the properties of elements and of matter through chosen and structured details.

Francesca Penserini’s most recent works let us observe her research into the meaning of the limit, the one that determines the course of a life. The graphic symbolism gathers details of the human condition during the passing of time and its term. In this way, the artist obliges us to carry out introspection on the cycles of life and their finiteness, both of which inexorably condition our terrestrial journey.


Ives Celli, Disegni d’origini, San Leo, Italy, 4/7/2013

Translated by Janet Logan

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