Francesca Penserini – Drawing from Origins
Francesca Penserini is one of a number of artists who define themselves as “thinkers” of a transcended materiality. At the beginning in her art making, she conceived of essential elements that evoked ancestral images in which the key archetype was not immediately evident.[…]

Triptychs and Drawings of Surface
The corpus of works entitled “Triptychs and Drawings of Surface” is a series of drawings, sculptures and lino­cuts, which propose a glance on surfaces that we do not see any more, because we have grown used to their familiar presence. We recognize graphic marks, which attract our attention by their beauty but also their ambiguity.[…]

The presence of light can only be perceived in its captive state. Light without surfaces to flood moves past our consciousness and our desires. Yet in its interaction our perception, which exists in time and movement, swings between conventions and illusions of reality.[…]