Francesca Penserini
Francesca Penserini
At four years old, I would cut up cardboard boxes on the family lounge floor and transform the pieces into magnificent palaces. This was a game of imagination which fulfilled my solitary side. In my work, I combine sculpture and drawing. I find that these two formal approaches work for me. However, I undervalued for a while the importance of drawing, because it seemed "easier" in comparison to sculpture’s demanding planning and maneuvering. I think that their cohabitation allows me now to reach a balance between my first impulses and the elaboration of a more rational proposition.

Francesca Penserini
School was always a ground of valuation. I had the luck to encounter excellent professors; Kathryn Lipke at Concordia University, Richard Boardman at Villa Schifanoia in Florence, Fred Nagelbach in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I also had the chance to have generous studio accomplices: Jean-Pierre and Roger-André Bourgault, Jean-Pierre Morin, Josée Dubeau, Jules Lasalle, Denis Raby and others! In the course of learning and making, I embarked on a great adventure: Teaching. Really, when you think about it, I was never out of "school". Since 1990, I’ve been teaching Digital Imaging and Studio Arts courses at Champlain St-Lambert College with Ashley Miller. I contributed to the setting up of a workshop in which computers are being used as creative tools -- first as drawing and painting tools, and then as sculpture and animation tools. In spite of technological innovations, we tend to maintain solid traditional grounds! I value my everyday relations with the students; it is demanding, but very dynamic.

Francesca Penserini
I was part of the first generation at Gallery Clark, while spaces were still located on that street. In 1989, when I returned from Chicago, I was hired as artistic director of Optica for three years. I developed projects with artists, art historians and guest speakers. After a three year mandate, I joined the Board of directors as vice-president. The artist-run centres are environments in which energy abounds! I have, as an artist, exhibited in some of these artist-run centers: Montreal, Sorel, Amos, Hull, Quebec. More recently, I have participated in two provincial competitions -- the Integration of the arts to the Architecture of Quebec in 2005 and 2006. They presented me with the opportunity to find formal solutions in the translation of fragile and colored pieces into the test of climatic conditions while assuring them a character of durability.
I am part of a clan of proud Italians. I have a son called Gabriel who will be fourteen years old in July.